Sprache der Dinge – Language of Things

Materialität, Realität und Konfliktivität in Museologie, Archäologie und anderen dinglichen Wissenschaften / Materiality, reality and conflictivity in museology, archaeology and other material sciences

Blogging Archaeology #blogarch Part III. What has been your best post and why?

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20130901-171137.jpgParticipating again at Dougs Blogging Carnival and….. “The idea for this month is simple – reflect on what you consider you best post(s) and why that is. Also, think about what others might think is your best post however you want to measure that (views? comments? etc.).  Then share your thoughts.“.

What would my best post be? It depends on how you look at the blog. Surely, my visitors have ONE perspective of my “best” posts, I myself have quite another.

There have been posts that received more interest than others and these have been normally the ones on grants and how to apply to them. There have been comments and even personal emails with questions on this – and its logical because the constant under-financiation of archaeology drives all of us to the few grants available. And as the organizations don´t normally publish much about how to apply, and how long it takes, this theme seems to be quite an interesting one.

On the other hand, there are the posts that I love personally because their ideas have been with me for a long time and they touch themes that are close to my heart (to put it poetically). This is certainly the case of the first post on Art & Archaeology, which is really one of my favourites – and has received only small attention in the public. I am planning to make “Art & Archaeology” a mini series and am preparing right now the second part of it, but I just loved the idea of Marcel Biefer´s art and it was such an inspiration for me that I just HAD TO WRITE this post! Thanks again to Marcel Biefer for providing the fabolous photos of his work at the Museum Zug, Switzerland!

So, there are these two sides to the question, and I consider that my best posts from the perspective of a reader are the ones that get most comments and traffic. And they are relevant because they are about things that are vital for us – though seldom discussed publicly. The best ones from my internal persepctives are the ones that explore intricate relations between disciplines and which touch on the internal structures of thought and perception. That´s where my heart goes, apart form all these basic things like money and grants….


One thought on “Blogging Archaeology #blogarch Part III. What has been your best post and why?

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