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Materialität, Realität und Konfliktivität in Museologie, Archäologie und anderen dinglichen Wissenschaften / Materiality, reality and conflictivity in museology, archaeology and other material sciences

What are the goals of Archaeological Blogging? #blogarch

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What are the goals of Archaeological Blogging? So, this is a really good question to finish. What are the goals of blogging, anyway? And archaeological blogging, when it comes to that? Whats the relevance of Archaeology, anyway? Is this not just some ivory tower discipline with people digging around in the dirt, searching for gold and jewels? Or for our ancestors?

To be honest, archaeological blogging means very much to me. Of course, there´s my own blog, but there are so many others, all raising the same voice: Archaeology is not irrelevant. Its not obsolete. Its real, its important and it matters to everyone of us, archaeologist or not. In my opinion, history permeates our lives everywhere. But mostly we are not aware of it – not of its presence and even less of how it shapes us and our decisions. Archaeology, to me, is a tool to get to know the past and to COMMUNICATE the past. To make it relevant to all of us, sensitizing ourselves to the impact of the past on our everyday life. The Past is not just some murky, cloudy thing hovering there in the classroom or on our book shelves in (unfortunately often badly written and researched) novels. Its not a past disneyland where kings and queens leave gold and jewels behind. Its so much more. The simple presence of the past can change our lives, at least thats my experience form South America. Archaeology matters.

So, what better way to communicate Archaeology in a non-formal way than blogging? I do not have big budgets to give or much time to spend. I just have myself and a deep belief in archaeology´s relevance. And a capacity to write texts. And so I decided that I would present my view of the Past to the world, putting my grain of sand into the world wide web. There were different experiences with blogging, either here in central Europe or in South America. There were and are problems with accessibility and problems with outreach. But I still think that there is nothing MORE relevant than communicating that Archaeology (and History) matter to us, to our society and to our lives. If we can’t communicate this overall important message, than we shouldn’t wonder that we are continually underfinanced and neglected – or respected only for gold, jewels and Indiana Jones. Gold, jewels and Indiana Jones are part of Archaeology – but they are not its essence.

The essence is something else: the shape of our present is the impact of our past. We should get this point across in whichever way we can. I chose blogging.

One thought on “What are the goals of Archaeological Blogging? #blogarch

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