Sprache der Dinge – Language of Things

Materialität, Realität und Konfliktivität in Museologie, Archäologie und anderen dinglichen Wissenschaften / Materiality, reality and conflictivity in museology, archaeology and other material sciences

Blogging as Opportunity: Where are you/we going with blogging or would you it like to go? #blogarch

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The final question of Doug´s Archaeology on Blogging Archaeology is out: Where are you/we going with blogging or would you it like to go?

In my perception, archaeological blogging is a rather informal way to raise archaoelogical topics without going all the length to a scientific article. Its an opportunity to shape ideas, explore themes I don´t have time to explore in other contexts. And if you understand it this way, the future of archaeological blogging for my personal experience should stay this way. An open space to share ideas.

Sure, I would like to get more followers and traffic, and it would be great to get visitors who are NOT embedded in the merely archaeological realm. But as the blog covers other themes like museology, materiality or art, I am hopeful to get a wider audience as time goes by.

In a broader perspective, I would like to see a growing impact of archaeological blogging, in the archaeological community but more than ever in the wider public, too. In a sense, archaeological blogging to me is a way to be heard, to get to a wider public and to take archaeology out of the ivory tower of science back to the people. Maybe this is different in Germany than in Great Britain or the USA. Here, Archaeology needs to go out and find new followers and new inspiration in order to get back to a standing it once had.

Moreover, archaeological blogging is to me an opportunity to connect our discipline to others – forming a real interdisciplinary space of ideas. This should be the future of archaeological blogging: a space to get to know each other and create new ideas. Be it with a non-archaeological public or with other scientists. In the sense of Web 2.0 as an open, ever changing and ever fluctuating area, this would be a great opportunity!


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