Sprache der Dinge – Language of Things

Materialität, Realität und Konfliktivität in Museologie, Archäologie und anderen dinglichen Wissenschaften / Materiality, reality and conflictivity in museology, archaeology and other material sciences

E-Learning & Digital Cultures #edcmooc : we´re right into week 2!

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I tried to take this Mooc “E-Learning and Digital Cultures” on Coursera before, but hadn’t got the time to finish. Its quite different from other Moocs I´ve taken so far because it´s more independent. You´ve to read some resources, but there are only a few video lectures and you´re rather on your own to think, connect with other people and think again.

In a way, it requires more energy although not more time. The first block of the MOOC is on Utopias and Dystopias, making you think about the future of the digital world. Is it good, bad, indifferent? These days, I thought a lot about this because I became acutely aware of how many people are out there without access to social media that I am using rather frequently. Its because they don’t feel the need to use them, but rather use the email/letter/telephone way. So, the first two weeks of the MOOC are hitting bottom with me right now. And even more when you have a look at the videos that are part of the thinking process: pure & thoughtful reflections of our ideas on the digital age – right now and in the future.

Moreover, when today I registered for Re:publica 2015. And thinking of setting something up (a panel? a session? a paper?) I found it rather distressing to realize how few people in my surrounding are into this digital spaces of expressing oneself and feeling that theres a relevance to it. So, this time #edcmooc might have a better chance of surviving my precious spare time and being thought through!

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