Sprache der Dinge – Language of Things

Materialität, Realität und Konfliktivität in Museologie, Archäologie und anderen dinglichen Wissenschaften / Materiality, reality and conflictivity in museology, archaeology and other material sciences

2014 has been a busy year…. thanks for reading!


I have been publishing at Language of Things for a good 18 months now – a year and a half. I´ts been busy and it´s been a challenge to find new themes, to get the background to write on some of them, and others have been on my mind for a long time, just waiting to be written down. In 2015, there are some changes that are likely to come. Changes in my professional life, if I´m lucky. My desk is full of application forms and I will be sending them soon. I will be present at re:publica in May 2015 in Berlin and still thinking if I should propose as a speaker or if I will merely listen….

So, there´s much to come and I will be happy to share it with you. Readers came from all over the world to this blog, from 74 countries if WordPress doesnt lie….

Thanks to everybody for reading, posting, commenting, inviting. I have met some fabulous people in this year thanks to this blog and I hope that this will stay that way! The most spectacular outcome has surely been my participation at Doug Rocks-MacQueen & Chris Webster´s e-Book “Blogging Archaeology”, which may be downloaded here:


I am so proud to have been part of this! Thanks to everyone!


2 thoughts on “2014 has been a busy year…. thanks for reading!

  1. Thanks for writing! It’s always a pleasure to read your posts. I find myself setting aside time to do it ‘properly’ so that I don’t miss anything.

    And, especially, thanks for taking the trouble to write in both German and English, so that I can access your thoughts without throwing myself at the mercy of Google translate or my schoolgirl German.

    • Hi Maria!
      I agree that the two translations are appreciated. I have enjoyed your blogposts throughout the year and hope you will continue to send them over to Arts & Inquiry. After all, the most primitive sites of humankind are the best museums, no?
      I see that you are enrolled in several Courseras. I will be spending time at Yale Roman Architecture once again, but this time around as a Community Moderator. If you have time, please “stop in”. even as an audit, and catch a glimpse of the stellar lectures.
      Best wishes for the New Year!

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